The eyes of the darkness:

Through the blanket called night,
Shines the eyes of the darkness,
The twinkling miniature light bulbs, floating deeper into oblivion with every withstanding second,
Yet they still light the darkness, no matter how far they sink,
Though they are just speckling’s of light,
They light up the night,
Lighting our path to victory,
Brightening the dark days,
Working to create a better place,
For the day they stop shining up in oblivion,
Is the day that the smoke takes over our land and sea and sky,
The day we can no longer see them,
Is the day that we fall into the dark brightness,
Deeper and deeper into oblivion,
Nonetheless it’s okay, because once we reach it,
They will again be there to guide us,
Home, to the place where we have worked towards,
Forever and always,
That day is the day the cycle ends and repeats itself,
But the stars will not die,
For they are the light that burns inside of us,
And the light that shines along the path,
As well as oblivion,
Working with everything they have,
To help us reach,
Our better tomorrow.


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