The Storm

The wind blows,
The trees whisper,
The rain drops,
The sky falls,
The grass waves,
The leaves tumble,
The deer prances,
The camp fire crackles,

A storm can be seen on the horizon, it is coming but you don’t know when

The wind tears,
The trees howl,
The rain pours,
The sky turns dark,
The grass rips away,
The leaves are all gone,
The deer runs away,
The camp fire is just ash,

A storm is brewing, it’s almost here, your just not prepared

The winds slashes,
The trees uproot,
The rain turns to bullets,
The sky is a black mass,
The grass is no longer,
The leaves far away,
The deer in their dens,
The camp fire is nothing

The storm has hit, but all is not lost. Your on the ground, but don’t give up. Your stronger than the storm. Overcome it, it cannot bring you down. Turn the black to baby blue and coax the deer back out. For come the time for the new sunshine your days will then be filled. Tomorrow brings more promise and joy then you could ever know. So lift your head and hold it high, smile and stand up tall. Forgive the storm, and look forward to the rainbow ahead. Don’t look back, keep walking forward. Towards the good and away from the bad. Don’t look down, no need to watch your footing. I’ll be there to catch you when you fall.



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