For The School News Today… (Part 2)

(The is based on a true story. Names were tweaked for personal, security, and classification reasons)

Hello fellow students,

In today’s issue of the school newspaper we, at the Student Editor Office, have decided to dedicate it to Miss Samantha Bonnette. Or as many of you know her, Sammy.

As every one has already heard about the unfortunate news of Sammy’s death over the announcements this morning, we are not going into detail about that. We would just like your time to remember our former peer and friend.

Samantha Bonnette was recently sought out by a scout for the National Young Singers Association. As we should all know from seeing Sammy in the school musical, last year’s 4th of July parade, the radio, and the annual talent show, we have all heard her amazing voice at least once. She was a singer at heart.

Other than her voice Sammy was also a very smart girl. With straight A’s since the 1st grade, perfect attendance, president of the science and math clubs, and vice president of the Student Council we can all determine how smart she really was.

One of my personal favourite things about Sammy was her personality. She was one of the nicest people I ever met. Every single day she came into her classes and said hello to everyone. Even when people never even acknowledged her. She was always smiling and always hung her head high.

We were lucky to have Sammy while we still had her. She was an amazing girl and she will be missed so much.

Rest in peace, Sammy. You will be missed.

Written by Student Editor Officer for January, February, March, and April – Jeremy Brown


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