Dear Diary My Sister Is Really Gone (Part 5)

(This was based on a true story. Names were tweaked for personal, security, and classification reasons)

Dear Diary,

It’s been a week. It feels like its been an eternity since she left. I feel like there’s a gaping hole in my chest. Mom says its going to be okay. It’s natural. But she won’t tell exactly why I feel that way. Everyday my little sister asks Mom and Dad where Sammy is. And when she’ll be back. They just keep telling her that she went to live somewhere else for a while. She’s only 6, I guess I get why they’re protecting her. I’m 11, they couldn’t protect me because I’m the one who found her.

It still feels like a dream. Like she could walk in that door any second. Like she was just sleeping that day. It’s amazing how much a sleeping person resembles a dead one.

I miss her a lot. I miss hearing her voice through the walls when she’s singing in the shower. I miss seeing her face every morning when she wakes me up for school. I miss her presence. With her around everyone was always happy and laughing, but now everyone is always sad and crying. Including me…

Mom and Dad won’t tell me what happened or what the letter she wrote to them said. I wish they would. I just want to know.

I’ve been really sad lately. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night, my pillowcase drenched with tears. I find myself thinking about her all the time. And about how unfair it is that she had to leave. I wish I at least would have had the chance to say goodbye.

I think I’ve finally accepted that she’s gone. Gone and not coming back. It sounds horrible but it’s true. My sister is really gone…

Yours, Emily


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