Letters To The Dead (Part 3)

(This was based on a true story. Names were tweaked for person, security, and classification reasons)

March 10, 2012

Dear Sammy,

        Everyone in the school is being forced to write you a letter. Of course no one really wants to do it. Thanks a lot, we have to write one but oh no it won’t count as a grade. Too bad. Would have been an easy A.

        I was in English class for once on Wednesday. The day that Morgan called you a “cow.” I saw your tears threatening to spill over. I know this is horrible but I won’t lie to a corpse. I told Morgan to do that. She was reluctant and didn’t want to but I told her to do it. And you know she follows me around like a puppy. You’ve pointed it out enough.

        I know I’ve been extremely cruel to you all these years. It’s just how I am. But that is no excuse. And it’s too late now but I’m sorry, Sammy. I really am. There is nothing I can do to make this up to you now and I’m so sorry…

~ Ashley Abis

March 10, 2012

Dear Ms. Samantha Bonnette,

            I was very sorry to hear about the school and the communities loss really. It’s so sad. You were such a great student and person altogether. You were brilliantly smart but honestly you really needed to learn to work on your social skills. To not be able to take a harmless joke is pitiful. The poor girl, Morgan, was just joking around. And now she comes to school every day looking miserable and making herself sick with guilt, You made her feel guilty about joking around. It was funny, you should have laughed. But seeing that you didn’t and you decided to take this way far, I guess everyone is stuck feeling sorry for you. When you came to me a few months ago and told me that Ashley and Morgan were bullying you I thought I told you to let it go. They were just having a little fun. While you’re floating around in nothingness you should consider finding some other low lifes and working on being able to take a joke. If you had done it while you were still alive we wouldn’t be here right now.
Goodbye Samantha. Rest in peace.

– With deepest regrets, Mrs. Abis (Your english teacher)

March 10, 2012


    I know that this time I went way overboard with the jokes. Too overboard it obviously seems. I just… I’m not even sure what to say. We used to be best friends but then you started getting all depressed and mopey and you understand why I had to ditch you right? I need to have a good reputation before high school starts. We could have all been friends together. Me, you, Ashley, and Isabelle. But when I offered you refused. And I gave you another chance to accept and change your mind but you didn’t. Which is too bad, we could have had fun together. But even though you didn’t accept we still had some great times together. You were always such a great friend. You listened and you actually meant it when you said you were sorry or that you cared. Unlike my new friends. I really miss seeing you around already, Sam. I wish I could turn back the clock and make all of this right again. I feel like in some way this might have  been my fault. I’m sorry… I just can’t say anything else to you in this letter. If I start crying my makeup will run and I’ll be a mess. I love you, Sam. Save a place for me up there in heaven.

~ Morgan


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