My Final Goodbye To You (Part 4)

(This was based on a true story. Names were tweaked for personal, security, and classification reasons)



The school board had everyone write you letters and put them on your grave after the funeral. I wrote you a small one but I also wanted to write you this one, personally. Aside from school.

I miss you, Sammy. You pushed me away a lot saying that you didn’t want me sticking up for you or being your friend because you were afraid that all those bullies would go after me too. But you know I didn’t listen, I couldn’t. I was your friend whether you like it or not.

I always told you that I would always be there for you no matter what. That I wouldn’t give up on you. That I would be your shoulder to lean on when you needed me most. But I failed you. The one time you really needed my help, and I wasn’t there to help you. I’m so sorry, Sam, I truly am. I miss you so much. You were my best friend. You were like a sister to me…

I’m trying to stay positive. I know I will see you in heaven. I know I will. You’re too good to be floating around going nowhere. It might be a while till I see you again but I will see you again. Keep your head up and keep smiling, Sammy. I’ll be there when I can.

– Joel


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