Moonlit Gatherings – How it all started

Moonlit Gatherings

Moonlit Gatherings Was An Arizona Light-line That Started A Week After The Passing of Our Beloved Brother Jerry Garcia In Hopes That The Deadhead Family Not Fade Away

We all have our own story to tell about that dreadful summer morning when Jerry left us. That day changed my life, forever.

Here is my story 8/9/1995


I was awaken by a phone call early in the morning by my sister Helen’s voice on my answering machine. She was speaking real slow with the same tone she had when she told me of the death of our father a couple of years before. “Jerry’s gone… he’s gone!!!” I ran to the phone and just listened to her voice. Couldn’t believe her, didn’t want to believe her. I turned on the stereo to KZON, a local radio station in the Tempe, Arizona area that most Deadheads in Phoenix tuned into. They…

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